and suddenly my mind blows up.

i am married yet. when? a week ago. why didn’t u tell me? i just can’t do that, it’s only u i want and we couldn’t be as one. so, where did u put your brain then? just a short message or something, is that so hard to do?

am i a creepy idiot who need an invitation? i only need u to tell me when will u getting marry. owh, i’m sorry, when were u marry her.  once again, THIS IS ONLY A JOKE, ISN’T???? it’s only a God’s joke???? ISN’T????? man… why it always happens. everything such a bloody hell joke. not funny. not even funny!!!! all about the love words. late night chat. is it, omG.. u did that beside your wife??? in your bed room??? AAARRGGGHHH… i really such a jerk!

ok.. whatever whatever..  my life not just in this corner. but, it blows my dignity. my self confidence. where do i put my face then. in my butt??? like where my brain stays???

ok ok… whooozzaaaahh… i need to control my emotion first.

and go to hell all men in the world!

i need



sorry, some tissue maybe much useful…

i need


hug, please…


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